What Is Quartz Stone? Why People Also Call It Quartz Surface?

Quartz stone is one kinds of mineral,

Below is a picture to show how quartz stone look like from quarry.

Raw Quartz Stone

We shall call quartz surface instead of quartz stone to be accurate. However, we often use the term “quartz stone” in Malaysia.

Hence, we will use the same term throughout the article.

What Is Quartz Stone Slab?

Quartz Stone Slab In Our Factory

It’s an engineered stone made with natural quartz, polymeric, crushed marble, ceramic, silica, glass, and other mineral materials.

One of the most important materials is “Resin”. It is used to glue all materials into a slab form while maintaining some flexibility of an engineered stone.

A quartz stone slab must contain enough quartz mineral (80 – 93%) to gain the benefits we’ going to discuss below.

Engineered quartz stone looks, touches and feels like a stone.

It’s manufactured to achieve advantages beyond natural stone while maintaining its beauty as a natural stone.

What Is A Quartz Stone Countertop?

People often think a “countertop’ is a piece of the top for the shop and office’s counter.

In fact, all these words countertop, worktop, benchtop, tabletop, and kitchen top refer to the thing shown below,

quartz stone countertops
Quartz Stone Countertops

A countertop refers to a horizontal surface built for work in the kitchen or a flat surface for food preparation.

A Quartz stone countertop is a countertop made with quartz stone.

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