Thank you for purchasing genuine quartz surface products with us.

Quartz Stone Limited Warranty

The product is referred to as either Caesarstone, Silestone & Zenstone.

The brands and the warranty period are:-

  1. Caesarstone – 10 Years Limited Warranty
  2. Silestone – 25 Years Limited Warranty
  3. Zenstone – 10 Years Limited Warranty

Please register the warranty online on the manufacturer’s website as below:-

  1. Caesarstone
  2. Silestone
  3. Zenstone – Automatically by invoice number. 

Please talk to your sales advisor if you need assistance registering the warranty. 

The warranty is applicable to the original purchaser and is not transferable to subsequent owners.

Please check the finished products within 7 days after installation. Report to your sales advisor if you find any material defect. Exceeding the 7 days period or the product being used might cause the warranty to be void. Repair will cost you money.

Please inform your sales advisor if you need to longer period to inspect the finished product.

All materials warranty shall be by its vendor only.

What Is Zenstone Warranty Cover?

  1. Discolouration without any factors
  2. Fast stain by foods and beverage
  3. Scratches without any impacts
  4. Crack without any impacts
  5. Chip-off without any impact


The client should coordinate with our service team to inspect and assist us in performing our obligations under warranty.

What Do You Need To Provide For a Warranty Claim?

Invoice number or installation site address.

The Warranty Excluded:-

Caesarstone, Silestone & Zenstone

  1. Product is used under sunlight conditions and contacted with UV light (Quartz Surface Only)

Dekton & Moca Compact Sintered Stone

  1. Almost invisible hairline scratches especially Gloss Finish.
  2. Chip off with or without impact (Repair fee is applied)


  1. Product is used for outdoor purposes
  2. Product is used for flooring applications
  3. Product is used exceeded heat level
  4. Product is exposure to weather conditions
  5. Improper purpose uses of the product
  6. It was damaged by applying any form of chemical foam & liquor to the product
  7. Cutting and chopping directly on the surfaces
  8. Uses of sharp items directly on the surface
  9. It does not cover seam performance, adhesives and caulks caused by the substrate’s movement, cabinets, flooring foundation, and thermal shock
  10. Damages caused by the installation of plumbing fixtures
  11. Damages caused by the installation of the sink
  12. Damages caused by renovation works
  13. Altering works on the product by any third parties
  14. Does not cover the distribution of pattern
  15. Does not cover the move of the original installed location to a new location
  16. Does not cover the installation of the product on unoccupied structures
  17. Does not cover products and/or services that have not been paid in full
  18. Warranty would be void if the product used to be serviced or maintained by any third party
  19. The warranty will be void if the product is moved from the original location
  20. This warranty is not transferable from the original owner of the structure to a new owner if the owner sells/transfers the ownership of the structure