Genuine Quartz Stone

We fabricate, supply and install genuine quartz stone for kitchen top

Looking for a quartz stone kitchen top for your home?

Quartz stone is one of our essential products.

We fabricate, supply & install genuine quartz stone for kitchen top

Looking For Kitchen Top To Encounter The Following Problems?

Acidic Foods

Does Lemon, lime or coke make your kitchen discolouration?


Not sure if your kitchen top got bacteria or not?


Dishwash liquid makes your kitchen top change colour?


Suddenly kitchen top got a crack line without any clue.


Accidentally put a hotpot on your kitchen top then cause a burnt mark?


A milo tin fall on the surface cracks your kitchen top?


Does mildew grow on top of the surface?


After using the kitchen top for a while, minor scratches here and there?


Curry, turmeric and even coffee powder stain on your kitchen top?

This article could help you save money, time and hassle.

Quartz Stones Brands We Distribute in Malaysia

Select from the three genuine quartz stone brands and custom-made your kitchen top today. Find out the colour, vein and shades and their respective price.

Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces

World top quality quartz stone imported from the USA.

Silestone Quartz Surfaces

One of the international well-known quartz stone brands imported from Spain.

Zenstone Quartz Surfaces

Malaysia’s brand OEM China’s genuine and quality quartz stone.

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Why You Should Choose Us?

Since 2013

We’re one of the quartz stone pioneer fabricators.

Genuine Quartz Stone

All quartz stones are SGS International standard and passed our in-house test.

Ready Stock

More than 800 slabs are available

Quartz Stone Knowledge

Sales reps could answer all your quartz stone questions

Bridge Cutter

Laser pointer cutting machines for accurate and faster cutting


97% installation fulfilled on lead time

Master Installer

Four installation teams led by master


5 years limited warranty


All quartz stones we distribute come with at least ten years of warranty.

No Hidden Cost

Detailed quotation, no hidden cost afterwards.

And we import huge quantity of ready stock quartz stone slab.

Quartz Stone Slab Ready Stock In Our Factory

Watch the video to have a virtual tour of the quartz stones that are ready in stock at our factory.

What Are Clients Saying About Us?

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Very cute owner let us take photo review with her lovely cat.

She knew the benefits of using Caesarstone in Singapore. After migrating to Malaysia, she look for us to supply and install Caesarstone 5100 Vanilla Noir for her entire dry and wet kitchen.

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Custom Made Your Quartz Stone Kitchen Top

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Frequently Ask Questions

Is there any warranty for the quartz stone kitchen top?

Yes, the genuine quartz stone kitchen top comes with ten years warranty on crack, chip-off and discolouration without any impact.

What if your quartz stone kitchen top is cracked, chip-off, and discolouration?

Contact us for an inspection asap. We’ll send a team to inspect the quartz stone top. If the problem is the quartz stone itself, we’ll replace it 1 to 1 for free.

Is quartz stone kitchen top seamless in design?

No, every 10 feet long, there is one joining line. Our joining line is 1-2mm in thickness.

How to take care of the quartz stone kitchen top?

Wipe with a soft cloth, and clean water will do. Do not use abrasive cleaning tools on quartz stone kitchen tops.

Can I put a hotpot of quartz stone kitchen top?

Although quartz stone can resist heat up to 150-degree Celsius, we do not recommend putting a hotpot directly on the quartz stone kitchen top.

Always use a trivet.

How high of the heat can quartz stone sustain?

Depending on the composition, quarts stone resists heat between 150 – 200 degrees celsius.

Will a quartz stone kitchen top chip without impact?

Under regular use, it’s unlikely to chip without impact. However, the edges might chip if hit with enough force. Depending on the size and scope of the chip, it’s possible to repair it.