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Genuine Quartz Stone

Since the year 2018, Malaysia's quartz stone market started to chaos. The market is bloated with low-end quartz stone or sells compressed marble to sell as quartz stone. The seller told the buyer that compressed marble is a marble effect quartz stone, but the price is significantly lower.

Some buyers sabotaged us and said we make big money by selling quartz stone at a higher price. Seeing the iceberg floating on the sea without seeing how big is the iceberg's base under the sea is superficial. These people compare the price without seeing all the facts behind.

Do you care:-

  1. The grade of quality?
  2. Foreign worker or a local master?
  3. Machine or hand tool cutting?
  4. Installation on time?
  5. With or Without a warranty?
  6. The team can handle your project well?

Who made the most money?

  1. Genuine quartz stone sells at a genuine price.
  2. Fake quartz stone sell at a genuine quartz stone price?

Who is not thinking of the massive hassles that can bring to the house owner, especially the owner who has moved into the house?

In the year of 2020, the problems start exposed on the surface. Owners send us these photos and ask for help to polish or repair them. Said their seller not picking up the phone, blocked their phone or disappeared.

quartz stone with oil burnt mark
discolouration by chemical
quartz stone chip off
quartz stone with low end materials
quartz stone with scratches
quartz stone discolouration
quartz stone with stain
quartz stone with stain
quartz stone with burnt mark

Could you recognize which is low-end quartz stone or compressed marble?

Mr/Mrs owner, if one of these problems occurred, repair or polish could not solve your problem. The actual problem is the quartz stone itself.

Just imagine, what if this happens to you? Close your eyes to let the situation keep getting serious? Or take the hassle and money to make a new set?

What is low-end quartz stone in short?

Supposedly the contain of the quartz stone's sand should be 90% and above per slab. Manufacturers reduce to 60% or lower, then replace it with glass sand, stone powder and other unknown materials. Significantly reduce the cost while can maintain the advantages of genuine quartz stone for a short time.

To make it look polished and shiny. Some manufacturers apply a sealant on top of the surface. Again, to keep the cost low, the manufacturers used low-end sealant and created another problem. It still contains more than 50% of quartz stone sand. Can people still call or sell it as quartz stone? With a lower price, it can attract many buyers. The buyer doesn't know about this.

We share a simple method to help you avoid buying low-end quartz stone. Check out this blog article here.

Genuine quartz stone will not give you these kinds of issues. They come with the benefits as below:-

Why Use Genuine Quartz Stone?

Each video is 1 minute. We torture our quartz stone.

Is this the quality you looking for?

Benefits of Quartz Stone

Stain Resistance

Stain Resistance

Virtually worry-free surfaces. Acidic food such as lemon juice or lime juice does not affect or could dim the surface. We can remove heavy colouring food such as red wine, turmeric, coffee or curry's stain with CIF cleaning cream or acetone. Most of the time, we can clean quartz stone top with soft cloth and water.

Heat Resistance

Heat Resistance

Although quartz stone can resist heat up to 150°C, we recommend using trivets or hot pads for hot pots and pans. However, quartz stone can always tolerate brief exposures to moderately hot temperatures.

Scratch Resistance

Scratch Resistance

Quartz stone resists scratches from most of the kitchen utensil. Quartz stone is scale 7 based on Mohs Hardness Scale, lower scale such as knife and nail will not cause scratches on quartz stone.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance

Quartz stone resists scratches from most of the kitchen utensil. Quartz stone is scale 7 based on Mohs Hardness Scale, lower scale such as knife and nail will not cause scratches on quartz stone.

Mildew Resistance

Mildew Resistance

Non-porous material prevents the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria on the surface. In other words, there is no room on the surface for them to live.

Non-Porous Material

Non-Porous Material

Quartz stone requests minimum maintenance and never needs to apply any sealant every few years to protect the surface. It's resilient and non-porous. Natural stone like marble requires multiple sealants to maintain luster, extend the lifetime of its beautiful surface and increase its stain resistance level.


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