How To Test Whether It's Genuine Quartz Stone?

Posted on 2020-11-13

The quartz stone market is a mess in Malaysia right now. The market is bloated with low quality and "pretended quartz stone".

Pretended quartz stone refers to a stone which is not quartz stone but looks precisely like quartz stone. Typically, faked by compressed marble.

The dealer said the pretended quartz stone they are selling is grade B quality quartz stone but:-

  1. This quartz stone is less expensive.
  2. It's scratchable.
  3. It's a little bit less stain resistance.
  4. Less heat resistance
  5. It looks perfect without defect. (stone printing technology)

It's one kind of quartz stone but less capable. Do you think people will still buy it after listening to the disadvantages?

Yes, it's selling like a hot cake. We not sure why people don't care about the benefits but the price. (Aren't the house owners going to spend more if the stone top is damaged?)

Recently, we started to see people posting the problems of on Facebook.

The link below is one of the cases people share on Facebook.

We're sure that you can find out more similar post on Facebook.

Since the 4th quarter of 2019, we started to receive calls from the house owner, asking why their quartz stone top is so easy to get stained?

Seen like some sellers lazy to explain but directly tell house owner they are selling quartz stone.

Here is the fun, whenever we told the house owner the stone they purchased is not quartz stone, they typically answer: "Impossible, my carpenter told me is quartz stone."

Surprise! Some people do business misused your trust.

If you're looking for genuine quartz stone, please continue reading.

We will reveal a secret weapon to help you filter out un-qualified quartz stone and keep you away from hassle after you move into your new home, especially the kitchen part.

A manufacturer sent us a quartz stone sample as you can see below:- Fake Quartz Stone

If you translate the sticker, it stated this quartz stone is using some kinds of nano-technology, quality is a diamond grade, stain and crack resistant.

It is with ISO some more.

Confirm, this is a good quality quartz stone?

Let's test and see.

We are using industry chemical to do the test. It might corrode our skin. May cause intense smell smoke. And if the quality is too bad, the chemical liquid might bounce also.

Hence, we recommend using this household cleaning liquid to perform the test. You can buy it in any supermarket.

[Black Harpic Cleaning Liquid]

Must use this black colour bottle. Others do not have any effect.

The chemical reaction is slower and lighter, but it is safer.

Drip a drop of Harpic Black on the quartz stone you want to test.

Wait and see, if it starts bubbling means there is a chemical reaction.

After wiping out the Harpic:-

Quartz Stone Test Result 1 Quartz Stone Test Result 2

  1. One layer of sealant disappears like shown in the photo.
  2. The surface becomes rough.
  3. Colour faded.
  4. Discolouration.

Why diamond quality quartz stone get these results?

Don't buy if any of the results above appears, the only one result you want to get is:-

"No chemical reaction and no changes."

"No chemical reaction and no changes."

"No chemical reaction and no changes."

It's so important, so we've to repeat three times.

Use this method to filter out un-qualified quartz stone and keep your home sweet home.

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