Posted on 2021-03-30

If you are custom-make a kitchen top set, you’ll come across these two terms: the Foot Run (FR) or Square Feet (SF).

Have you ever wondered why stonemason or stone fabricator use two different units to quote instead of using one universal term?

Why does stonemason or stone fabricator make things complicated?

Let’s see the reason behind it,

Firstly, please have a look at the slab photo below:-

cut the slab in half

(Oh, wait! There is a confusing word - Foot Run. Why not Feet (FT)?

We use the term FR means the front drop and backsplash is included.)

Most of our stone manufacturing partners produce this slab size, 3040mm x 1440mm.

If we cut the slab in half like shown in the picture’s red line, it’s 3000mm x 700mm.

That means we can custom-make a 20 FR set with the size of 3000mm + 3000mm x 600mm, 50mm front drop and 50mm backsplash.

So, we came out with the discounted price and calculated it in FR.

Imagine an island top with 2400mm x 900mm. The balance slab cannot be used and most probably become a wastage.

However, we can’t charge the wastage on clients, right? Hence, we’ll charge clients in SF; the exact amount to be used to fabricate the island top.

If lucky, we can use the balance slab for another site. If no luck, we might need to keep the balance stock until the spider web grows on top. Or end up in the trash can.

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