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What Is A Stone Surfacing Specialist?

Mountain Quarry > Stone Block > Natural Stone Slab

marble block

For natural stone, the quarry factory mine from a stone mountain and cut to a stone block. They either sell the stone block or cut it again and sell it as an 11mm - 30mm stone slab.

Minerals + Ingredients > Manufactory > Engineered Stone Slab

stone manufactory

The typical size of the engineered stone slab

stone surfacing

Stone Surfacing Specialist is a fabrication company which take the stone slab then cut, polish, edging, detailing and turn into stone surfacing products such as:-

  • Kitchen Top
  • Island Top
  • Vanity Top
  • Pantry Top
  • TV Cabinet Top
  • Dining Table Top
  • Coffee Table Top
  • Cashier Countertop
  • Wall Cladding
  • Stone Shelves
  • And More

The Stone Slab We're Specializing In:

  • Quartz Stone - Engineered Stone
  • Sintered Stone - Engineered Stone
  • Granite - Natural Stone
  • Marble - Natural Stone
  • Onyx - Natural Stone
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