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What Is A Stone Surfacing Specialist?

Mountain Quarry > Stone Block > Natural Stone Slab

marble block

For natural stone, the quarry factory mine from a stone mountain and cut to a stone block. They either sell the stone block or cut it again and sell it as an 11mm - 30mm stone slab.

Minerals + Ingredients > Manufactory > Engineered Stone Slab

stone manufactory

The typical size of the engineered stone slab

stone surfacing

Stone Surfacing Specialist is a fabrication company which take the stone slab then cut, polish, edging, detailing and turn into stone surfacing products such as:-

  1. Kitchen Top
  2. Island Top
  3. Vanity Top
  4. Pantry Top
  5. Kitchen Shelves
  6. Backsplash
  7. TV Cabinet Wall Cladding
  8. TV Cabinet Top
  9. Bar Countertop
  10. Breakfast Countertop
  11. Custom Made Dining Table Top
  12. Custom Made Coffee Table Top
  13. Custom Made Side Table Top
  14. Cashier Countertop
  15. Sauces Countertop
  16. Wall Cladding
  17. Other Top & Cladding Purposes

The Stone Slab We're Specializing In:

  • Quartz Stone - Engineered Stone
  • Sintered Stone - Engineered Stone
  • Granite - Natural Stone
  • Marble - Natural Stone
  • Onyx - Natural Stone
Caesarstone Empira Black


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Custom Made Your Stone Countertop

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Frequently Ask Questions


We also supply granite, sintered stone, marble and onyx.

We do not sell ready-made quartz tiles. We cut quartz stone in tiles size based on your request.

No! we highly recommend you look for a specialist in the field, especially solid surface, which requires a different fabrication and installation method.

We do not outsource fabrication services at the moment.

No, we sell stones in slab form only.

No! we specializing in stone works only. A best practice is hiring a stone supplier to cooperate with your carpenter to build your kitchen cabinet. Each of them specializes in their field.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss.

It depends on location and the size of the stoneworks. Our sales reps will break down the cost in the quotation.